The Perfect Recovery Circuit!

So I have accepted the challenge/opportunity (depending on if you are into poison or medicine) to write in the fitness section of AZ Foothills Magazine each month. As you can see it's already the 2nd of July and my article is due the 5th (so I need to get to it!). As a post-rehab specialist I have learned over throughout the years the huge benefits you can get from doing the following healing modalities: cryotherapy, isokinetic resistance training, and infrared sauna. Each one of these therapies are extremely beneficial to the body, but I've discovered that by combining these 3 elements you get an awesome synergistic trifecta! The foundation for healing is anti-inflammation, thus doing things to your body (i.e. crazy cross-fit or acidic foods) to inflame it is not smart (muy malo). Life in general is pretty inflammatory, so if you find a program that helps "de-flame" the body you're on the right track. If you are interested in trying this circuit out contact me and I'll gladly take you through this "Recovery Circuit." Proof is in the pudding, if it is everything that I claim it to be than you have found your "Holy Grail" for recovery. Here's a brief break down of the benefits as you go through this amazing circuit:

Recovery Circuit Steps:

Step 1: Cryotherapy - Exposure to sub-zero temperature activates the central nervous system. The central nervous system (when activated) allows the release of beneficial hormones and enhances circulation. The hormones released produces a systemic response that provides pain relief, increased mobility, decreased inflammation, and mood elevation. 

Step 2: Recovery Warm-Up on the revolutionary CorePump® Machine - The CorePump® Machine provides isokinetic resistance, which is a safe, effective and efficient way to strengthen the entire body (without the inflammation typically associated with traditional exercise). You will also safely increase your flexibility as well as improve your cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary health.

Step 3: Infrared Sauna - The health benefits that you get from the infrared saunas are: Heart health and blood pressure, detoxification (eliminate toxic heavy metals), anti-aging, muscle growth, injury healing, weight loss, metabolic diseases, mood, mental health, cognitive function, inflammation, autoimmunity, and skin health. 

I could write a book on the benefits of these modalities because they are so numerous.

If you are interested in learning more about these benefits email me and I'll send you more information.