The 1st Hour. Purpose

My purpose for writing The 1st Hour came to me this morning while I woke up without my alarm (my phone died and I didn't want to go out to my car to get the charger) at 4am. I felt like I could have went back to bed, but I wanted to get to work on a ClickFunnels campaign that I am starting to build. As I laid in bed I realized that all of the "Greats" or "Success Stories" all seemed to have had the same habit first thing upon rising. Some go crazy like "making your bed" or "meditate" for an insane amount of time. I'm on the same page as Tim Ferriss regarding making the most out of each second of each day. I don't like to divide my days into seconds, minutes, or hours anymore. When I do I seem to watch my days fly into weeks, months, years and then holy shit, decades! No I've decided upon rising this morning to divide my time into moments. If I could recreate the calendar it would be a calendar of moments. That way life isn't about the number of days you survived on this rock, but the number of moments you've experienced. Makes sense right? Who cares if you're 199 years old with only 29 moments, I'd rather be 29 years old with 199 moments. 

Anyways back to the "purpose" at hand, The 1st Hour.