The CorePump machine is the first of it's kind. It utilizes Smart Resistance (adaptive resistance that constantly changes depending on the output of the user). It has been approved by healthcare as a certified DME A3900 (durable medical equipment). The CorePump Machine takes up very little space (2' x 2' floor space) and requires no electricity. It is the holy grail of fitness meeting all 3 pillars of fitness (strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training). 

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The CorePump Machine uses a resistance coined "Smart Resistance." This is an extremely safe and effective way to exhaust muscle groups without the risk of tearing or injury. 

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Isotonic and other forms of traditional resistance creates compression which leads to inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of ALL disease and ailments. The CorePump Machine provides the user with a non-inflammatory means of resistance. 



The CorePump Machine has over 66 handle positions, 6 settings of Smart Resistance, 4 pedestal height options as well as a sturdy base. This provides the user virtually unlimited exercise and stretch options. This robust and well built machine has performed millions of repetitions without failing. 



Every fitness regimen should meet one common goal which is to improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health and function. These 3 components of health are what we call the 3 pillars of fitness. The CorePump safely, effectively and efficiently meets these goals perfectly. The CorePump Machine has been designed to clean up the mess McDonald's has made.

The CorePump machine uses Smart Resistance™, which automatically and continuously adjusts to the strength and speed output of the individual. It utilizes Isokinetic resistance to provide a workout twice as hard as traditional resistance exercises without the delayed-onset muscle soreness that accompanies a tough conventional workout.

Smart Resistance™ also allows you to go all-out without the jerky movements that accompany typical resistance training, providing an intense cardiovascular rhythm at  the same time as your anaerobic exercises. 


Time is money, and going to the gym can be a huge drain on both. With a 2'x2' footprint, the CorePump is small enough to fit virtually anywhere, so that 30 minute window in your busy day is enough for a full workout, instead of just the drive to the gym. 


The CorePump® machine has infinite exercise possibilities. With 66 possible handle positions and 12 basic exercises and stretches you can see how you won't be getting bored doing the same thing over and over again. The CorePump® machine doesn't require electricity. It's whisper quiet and it will outwork any piece of fitness equipment on the market.





Coach Samuel Colby is the inventor of the CorePump Machine - but his accolades run far deeper than that.

Initially a Coast Guard Boatswain's Mate, Coach Colby went on to become a sports performance coach, and a Doctor of Naturopathy for Healthcare Professionals. Using his diverse experience, Coach Colby was able to devise the CorePump, and after teaming with some of the nation's brightest engineers, the revolutionary device was born. Since then, he's devoted himself to sharing the CorePump method with fitness enthusiasts all across the nation.

Sam is always happy to speak with fitness enthusiasts old and new, so feel free to reach out via email at samuel@corepump.com


Coach Klarra is a successful fitness and wellness enthusiast in her own right and an indispensable part of the CorePump team. She's championed the CorePump machine since its inception, and has utilized it to rehabilitate herself from injury before going on to train countless others and improve their lives through better fitness and health.



The COREPUMP's unique design allows for an unprecedented number of exercises to be performed. And with the assistance of a COREPUMP-certified instructor, you'll get the workout of your life - with one piece of equipment. But is it really fair to call it one piece of equipment when it can do anything? Here's just a taste of what it can do.






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For a full list of stretches and exercises you can do with your CorePump, please visit our MOVEMENTS page.


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The CorePump® machine is a revolutionary resistance training device that combines functional strength training and high intensity interval exercise. The CorePump® machine was designed to replace nearly all of the equipment in a gym while taking up very little floor space. In fact it only takes up less than 4 square feet of floor space and has infinite exercise possibilities. The CorePump® machine's patented adjustable handles have more than 66 possible handle positions which are designed for use with our 20 basic exercises and stretches. Best of all The CorePump® machine doesn't require electricity, doesn't use weights so it's whisper quiet and is extremely easy to put together. Get on the CorePump® machine today and see why it is one of the safest and most effective functional training machines on the market. The CorePump® functional training machine is ideal for use in your home, office, hotel gym, fitness studio, office, chiropractic office or physical therapy center.