Time is money and money takes time. Imagine the time it takes going to the gym! You either go before or after work. You have to get your workout clothes into your gym bag that you have to haul into your vehicle so that you can change in the locker room. After about a 15-35 minute drive you arrive at the health club and you go to the cardio section to do cardio for 20-45 minutes. Then you go out onto the gym floor to see what equipment is available to use. If you're lucky your full body workout takes you 45-60 minutes. Then it's back to the locker room to get changed and commute 15-35 minutes back home.

Now imagine waking up. Walking over to your elegant CorePump® machine. Opening up your CorePump 7 Minute app. Working out the entire body in 7 minutes. Simple.

Total time spent going the traditional gym route: 3 hours Total time spent going the CorePump® machine route: 7 minutes

How much is your time worth? What would you do with those extra hours of free time? Simple.